Grand Oak Herb Farm A One of a Kind experience.

For 40 years, we at Grand Oak Herb Farm have created a haven where one can alleviate the stress of everyday life through a shared love of gardening and an appreciation for the beauty found in the simplicity of life. Our goal is to provide a respite from the more hurried urban setting, giving our guests a place where they can relax and enjoy themselves. An escape that offers graciousness in a lovely garden setting. The gardening we employ focuses on using sustainable methods of growing. On the grounds you will find theme and specialty gardens created for your enjoyment. You are welcome to come and tour the gardens at any time during regular business hours, May through December, Thursday-Saturday 10 am – 4 pm. If your club or group would like a guided tour please make a reservation in advance. Come and enjoy the day.

Located in Shiawassee County: 2877 Miller Road, Bancroft, MI (20 minutes from either Flint or Lansing near I-69.)

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Grand Oak Notes and News


Faerie SALE! Grand Oak is holding a 65% off discount on our flower faeries, faerie homes, and all related accessories. Our faerie products range from a whimsical touch to any outdoor garden, mini additions for any type of planter, and adorable home decor. Come explore the entire section and find that perfect treasure for you or a loved one.

Sale expires October 2nd, 2021.


For anyone who needs a food accommodation, please call and make all requests at the time you register. We purchase or gather our ingredients ahead of time for every event. Thank you!

The following event date have been canceled: October 30th.

Open May through December

Thursday- Saturday 10-4 pm

Our specialty here at Grand Oak Herb Farm is creating unforgettable teas and luncheons for special interest groups. These events will be held in our vintage and elegantly decorated tearoom. To give our guests the best experience, we sit down and design the menu with you, our client, to ensure that each item works for the intended occasion. Call us for more information on these events.


Grand Oak Greenhouse Spring 2020
Grand Oak Greenhouse Spring 2020
Grand Oak Greenhouse Spring 2020
Grand Oak Greenhouse Spring 2020
Greenhouse 2021

During the months of May-July, we offer a wide selection of herbs, winter hardy perennials, container gardens, and heirloom plants in our greenhouse. We welcome guests to come explore the greenhouse and search for the next addition to their home garden. Pre-orders can be placed over the phone and we will reserve the plants of your choice.

Touring Grand Oak Herb Farm’s gardens is open to visitors from May into the fall; we consider it a horticultural learning experience for all. The gardens provide us space to grow and learn about our favorite herbs; our guest can even learn about how we use edible flowers, herbs, and other garden offerings in our culinary dishes. Each garden has something special to offer.

Our gift shops feature hundreds of vintage, garden, and herbal inspired items for gift giving, fine home decorating, gardening, and items for the heart or mind. The shops are filled with one of a kind botanical wreaths, arrangements, specialty items from tea to antiques, essential oils and potpourris.

We offer special services, such as custom designed floral arrangements to compliment your home decor and container garden design to accent your home and garden. Our floral arrangements are designed with dried or hand tied silk flowers; bring us your color scheme and we will custom design that special one-of-a-kind decorative arrangement for you. Our in-stock items can also be customized upon request.

Grand Oak also has a selection of diverse products that feature essential oils. We have crafted aromatherapy blends, bath and body products, and so much more. Our favorite is the Mosquito Relief Spray; the spray is mixed with essential oils to prevent pesky bites during the summer months.

Check out our spices, herbs, and blends! We stock a variety of herbs that have many culinary uses and a few with certain medicinal benefits. Three of our tea blends encompass all things herbal and do not contain tea leaves. They can be brewed and delightfully chilled into a nice summertime iced tea. In addition to these, our shop carries various green teas, all mixed with a variety of herbs and they make a great option for a beverage with lower caffeine.