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2018 Events Schedule

Throughout the year classes, lectures, workshops, and garden tours are offered. All events are by reservation. You may register on the website, call us at 989-666-7012, or by check. For information email us,

We are open to visitors Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00AM-4:00PM, May 2nd through December15th. We are closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, as well as all major Holidays


June 30th 10AM-4PM Essential Oils
A one time sale for certified 100% pure essential oils. All essential oils will be 20% off. This sale will include essential oil blends such as 4 Thieves and Immune Boost. We will be available in the shop to answer your questions concerning oils and blends. Hand-outs for more information.


July 2nd 4th of July Week-end No Programs


July 6th 11AM Friday at the Farm - Lavender, The Queen of the Herb Garden
A complete study of lavender, making tea, cooking, growing, crafting, health, and much more.

Lunch menu: pasta salad with fresh vegetables and lavender, pork medallions with mushrooms and herbes de Provence, melon in lavender champagne, lavender lemon pound cake with crème fresh and lavender strawberry lemonade.
$25.00 register and pre-pay


July 7th Noon Herb Vinegars, Herb Seasonings, and Victorian Shrub (Drinking Vinegar)
Learn to make delicious herb vinegars and their uses, gourmet dried herb seasonings, salt substitute, gourmet seasoning salt, boursin cheese mix and basil pesto. Have you experienced the delicious flavor of Victorian drinking vinegar? We will show you how to make this delicious and healthy enchanting beverage. Bring a pint jar with lid to make your herb vinegar to take home.

Lunch menu: fresh garden spinach salad using herb vinaigrette, angel hair pasta with herb seasoning, shredded parmesan and heirloom tomato, smothered chicken, scalloped potatoes, lemon summer cake and raspberry shrub.
$32.00 register and pre-pay


July 13th 11AM Friday at the Farm - Daylilies
Daylilies will be blooming and you may choose ones you would like to purchase. Our inventory of daylilies numbers over 250 different species. We will dig for you. The daylily clump will be, $5.00 for today only. Learn about growing, hybridizing and using daylilies in food.

Luncheon menu: fruit salad, chicken basil salad stuffed daylily, fried daylily, lemon cream cake and lemon strawberry iced tea.
$25.00 register and pre-pay


July14th 1PM Mother Daughter English Cottage Tea
In England, the land that invented afternoon tea, the table should always be set with fresh flowers, assorted tea sandwiches, scones, a few simple sweets and a nice pot of tea. The program we have chosen for this beautiful and delicious Tea is ‘Succulents’. This is one of the easiest plants grown. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. Every one attending will be invited to choose a complimentary succulent planter from our succulent tree. Planting and decorating uses will be demonstrated.

Today’s menu: golden raisin and orange scones, lemon curd cold strawberry soup, steak and onion bridies (meat pie from Scotland), ham and spinach on rye tea sandwich, tarragon butter and cucumber tea sandwich, egg custard tartlet, raspberry white-chocolate mousse tartlet, lemon cheese cakes, fresh herbal tea.
$48.50 register and pre-pay


July 20th 11A.M. Friday at the Farm - Rosemary
Explore the benefits of this amazing herb. We will discuss its many uses, health, cooking, gardening, growing and more. We will demonstrate ways to use rosemary.

Luncheon: fresh baked rosemary bread, garden salad, pecan rosemary oven-fried chicken, vegetable and herb fried rice, rosemary orange pound cake with crème fraiche and rosemary banana iced tea
$25.00 register and pre-pay


July 27th 11AM Friday at the Farm - Basil
Basil is a well-known culinary herb that’s popular in many Italian dishes. Learn many other uses of basil, including pesto and health benefits.

Luncheon: tomato basil bread, creamy tomato basil soup, herb roasted chicken breast, herb and vegetable fried rice, John’s (my Son) tomato-basil angel hair pasta and peach-basil lemonade slush
$25.00 register and pre-pay


July 28th 11AM Succulents
A study of succulents; winter hardy species, growing conditions, container growing, floral design and more. We will visit more than 100 species of succulents in the greenhouse. After we have finished in the greenhouse, we move to the tearoom for a salad, sandwich and strawberry soup luncheon. Everyone attending the program will be invited to choose a small bucket of succulents from the succulent tree.
$32.00 register and pre-pay


August 4th Noon Antipastos and Herbal Beverages Buffet
Antipasto means “before the meal”. Many compare antipasto to hors d’oeuvre, but antipasto served at the table usually signifies the official beginning of the Italian meal. It may be referred to as a starter or appetizer. The buffet we have planned for today is a meal in itself.

Menu: tomato basil bruschetta, mixed antipasto meat platter, chicken antipasto, asparagus antipasto, antipasto lasagna, strawberry tiramisu and Beulah’s lemon herb cooler. A bottle of fresh herb Italian vinegar for all attending.
$50.00 register and pre-pay


Aug 11th Noon Bountiful Harvest
Backyard gardens and farmers markets will be overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables at this time. We have planned a meal using some of our harvest. Our discussion will be on methods of drying, freezing, canning and storing the harvest. Bring a notepad.

The menu: basil pesto bread, vegetable bisque soup, dilly potato salad, garden vegetable quiche, spaghetti squash with home canned spaghetti sauce, herbed tomato and green beans, cheese- filled meatloaf, and squash pie. Everyone will take home some of the basil pesto that will demonstrated during our discussion.
$40.00 register and pre-pay


Aug 17th Noon Red Cedar Wren House Wreath and Vegetarian Luncheon
Its time to decorate your front door with a unique wreath that celebrates the Fall season. We will start with a handcrafted grapevine wreath and decorate it faux greens and botanicals. We then add a functional all natural rough sawn red cedar wren house to be used next Spring when the wrens return. We will celebrate the coming of Fall using the end of summer harvest from the garden for a vegetarian luncheon.

The Menu: sun dried tomatoes scones, vegetable and Winter savory chowder, tortellini asparagus salad, onion roasted pepper tamale pie with salsa Colorado, torta rustica and fresh fruit compote
$58.00 limited to 15 register and pre-pay


Aug 18th 11AM Paint a Large 18 inch Planter Pot
We will use black chalk paint for our pot we will then decorate it with a decal and add a long lasting sealer. While giving our first coat of paint time to dry, we will have a cup of tea, savory scones, fresh made pepper jelly, and strawberry soup.
$34.00 register and pre-pay


Aug 24th 11AM Essential Oil Blends for Aromatherapy
A lesson in aromatherapy. You will blend essential oils for immune boost, restful sleep and 4 thieves. Other blends and recipes will be discussed. Printed handouts for reference. Tea, scones, Devonshire cream and fresh made jam will be served.
$36.50 register and-prepay


Aug 25th Noon Tobacco Basket Door or Wall Arrangement
You will be furnished a 15 ¼ X24 inch tobacco basket and dried botanicals to make a 14-inch swag for your wall arrangement. The tobacco basket replicates the old tobacco baskets used for drying and displaying tobacco. Complimentary luncheon of soup, salad and dessert.
$48.50 Limited to 15 register and pre-pay


Sept 1st Labor Day Weekend
We will be closed in observance of the Holiday.


Sept 8th Noon Weathered Crate Arrangement and Fall Harvest Luncheon
Decorating with crates has become a design essential in home décor. Many of the old crates have become essentials for decorating, displays and storage. You will be provided an 18inx12.5inx9.5in crate. We will fill our crate with assorted hydrangeas, airy pine and frosty white branches. The lovely arrangement will add charm to any room during the Fall and Winter months. You will be dining in the tearoom with the spicy warm taste from our Fall garden. Menu: squash bisque, rosemary roasted chicken, cheddar chive potatoes, green beans Gorgonzola and pumpkin pecan praline pie
$60.00 Limited to 14 register and pre-pay


Sep 14th 11:30 AM Windowsill Herb Garden
You will be provided an Italian terra-cotta windowsill planter that will accommodate 6 plants. The plants you will be provided, rosemary, thyme, zaatar oregano, marjoram, mini-blue lavender and chives. We will discuss how to grow and care for your plants indoors. When we have finished with the planter, we will move to the tearoom for a luncheon of hearty soup, herb bread, chicken basil pesto salad, fruit and lavender cookies.
$50.00 register and pre-pay


Sept 15th Noon The Impressive Benefits of Fresh Grown Tomatoes
In addition to the delicious flavor of tomatoes, there are many health benefits that will be discussed. We will demonstrate drying and canning tomatoes. We provide a delicious home canned salsa recipe. Luncheon will be prepared with heirloom tomatoes from our own garden. We will be preparing for you: bacon, spinach and couscous stuffed tomato, pasta with shrimp and tomato cream, pan pizza with corn, tomato and sausage, and peach and bourbon upside-down bundt cake.
$38.00 register and pre-pay


Sept 21st Friday Greenhouse Open House
Plants are 25% off today. Fall is an excellent time to plant hardy perennials and shrubs. Join us and learn why.

11:00 AM Starting an indoor herb garden of fresh herbs for adding a gourmet taste to your Winter recipes. Also, there will be a discussion of tea and tea blending.
Refreshments in the tearoom
1:30 PM
Propagation : starting seed, cuttings and divisions.

No Cost


Sept 22nd Noon Colonial Williamsburg High Tea
In Williamsburg the outdoor decorating is but a prelude to the inside decorating, hospitality and good food. Join us today for a display of Williamsburg decorating and a sumptuous High Tea. The menu: molasses cornbread with apple butter spread, pumpkin bread, jambalaya, Yorkshire meat pie with Yorkshire topping and mushroom sauce, mini crab cake with thyme tarter sauce, colonial carrot pecan cake, Jefferson Davis pie, fruit shrub and spicy tea. Recipes provided.
$45.00 register and pre-pay


Sept 29th 11:30 AM Holiday Kissing Ball
Make an alluring fresh greens kissing ball. The Scottish tradition of the kissing ball goes back to the Middle Ages. Blessings and good luck were thought to come to all who passed under it. This hanging arrangement will be a delightful and welcoming piece that is a true eye catcher. *When you have finished your kissing ball, move to the tearoom for lunch.
$38.00 register and pre-pay


Sept 29th 1PM Holiday Door Wreath
*Join the 11:30 group in the tea room for lunch.
When we have finished with lunch, the 1PM group will make a delightful door wreath, decorated in shades of gold. The sparkling gold wreath may be used thru the holidays and winter.
$55.00 register and pre-pay


Choose both workshops and save $10.00!


Oct 5th (Friday) Noon Lighted Grapevine Sphere
The simple elegance of nature, like this grapevine sphere, will be decorated with white lights and a branch with a bird nest and eggs. The branch with nest and eggs represent a symbol of good luck. Hang your sphere from a tree branch, in an urn to light up an entryway, and many other ways. When you arrive join us in the tearoom for a luscious luncheon.
$60.00 register and pre-pay


Oct 6th Noon Boxwood Wreath and Afternoon Tea
We will start with an Afternoon style Tea. Afternoon tea is an assortment of fruit, scones, savories, desserts and teas. After Tea we will make a delightful wreath that may be used indoors or outdoors. The wreath will be 26-28 inches and made with boxwood, silver green seeded eucalyptus, salal lemon leaves and natural accents.
$60.00 register and pre-pay


Oct 12th 11AM Bay and Rosemary Kitchen Wreath With Herb Plaque
This lovely 18-20 inch kitchen wreath will be made with popular cooking herbs and, decorated with a hand-painted herbal plaque. You will be able to pluck leaves from the wreath to use in cooking. Remember to remove the bay leaves from the cooking pot before serving. Bay leaves do not break down but, do release their delicious flavor during cooking. Assorted scones, Devonshire cream and herbal jelly will be provided along with tea and coffee.
$60.00 register and pre-pay


Oct 13th Noon Hanging Lantern Fairies Garden
This large 17inch lantern will be planted with 4 mini fairy plants, and 1 Cicely Mary Barker collectable fairy. You will be able to keep it in a well-lighted location until Spring and then hang it outdoors to dazzle your visitors. Your lantern will look positively lovely. Upon arrival you will have an enchanted ‘Afternoon Style Tea’. Menu: scones and Devonshire cream, hot chicken salad in pastry cup, herb quiche, ham and Swiss roll-up, Fruit cup with Victorian Shrub dressing, Blueberry lemon crunch bar
$70.00 register and pre-pay limited seating


Oct 19th Noon Garlic Day and Kitchen Herb Wreath
Its time to plant the Garlic. Learn soil preparation, soil type, non-chemical soil amendments, harvesting, storage and health benefits. Garlic for planting will be available for purchase. The garlic luncheon will be: garden greens salad with garlic wine vinaigrette, baked garlic Parmesan chicken, roasted garlic potatoes. Zucchini with dill-garlic yogurt and apple cake with roasted honey sauce. Everyone will make an 18-20 inch kitchen wreath using bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, garlic and cayenne pepper.
$50.00 register and pre-pay


Oct 20th Noon Autumn Wheat Swag in a Tobacco Basket
Arrange a lovely Wheat and Fall botanical swag and attach the swag to the inside of your tobacco basket. You will be delighted with the wall arrangement that you make. Before you make your arrangement, meet us in the Tea Room for a Fall luncheon that will consist of: Squash and apple bisque, basil pesto bruschetta, pan pizza with sausage and Fall vegetables, stuffed lasagna Heirloom pepper, and sweet potato pie with cinnamon cream.
$60.00 register and pre-pay